About TickChek

TickChek.com is a startup based in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania that is dedicated to providing laboratory-quality tick testing to people in high-risk areas for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases nationwide.

We offer PCR-based tick testing that is 99.9% accurate and can detect the presence of eight diseases - Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesia, bartonella, Ehrlichiosis, Tularemia, B. miyamotoi, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Unlike traditional laboratories' complicated test requisition forms, TickChek.com has a simple, easy to use interface for ordering tick tests. Just order your tests, mail your tick to our East Stroudsburg laboratory, and your results will be ready within 48 hours of lab receipt - guaranteed. Got a tick? Get started now!

TickChek Laboratory

Meet The TickChek Team

Jonathan Weber

Jonathan Weber - Founder & CEO

Jonathan Weber is the founder and CEO of TickChek. A serial entrepreneur, Jonathan launched TickChek as a collaboration with his university's Wildlife DNA Laboratory.

Jonathan became acutely aware of the dangers of tick-borne diseases after his father caught Lyme during a family trip on the Appalachian Trail. An avid hiker, he is excited to help bring tick testing services to millions of people for the first time via the Internet.

Tom Rounsville

Tom Rounsville - Cofounder

Tom Rounsville is the cofounder of TickChek. Tom has over five years of laboratory experience and will be overseeing the tick testing process.

Tom first became involved in tick-borne disease research while working as a graduate student. Since then Tom has used PCR to explore many topics related to both disease and wildlife. He is also an entrepreneur and is the founder of Integrative Wildlife Forensics.

Mendim Bardhi

Mendim Bardhi - Lead Developer

Mendim Bardhi is the lead developer of TickChek. With over five years of web and network experience, he aids Jonathan Weber in managing the TickChek website.

Mendim has a passion for modern, intuitive web infrastructures. His motivation for building TickChek.com was to provide a high-performing interface to a spectactular service. He ensures TickChek.com runs smoothly every day.